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Bark Mulch

Bark dust (mulch) is a wonderful material for improving and beautifying your home. It reduces weed growth, provides insulation for plants in both summer and winter, and improves soil texture by releasing valuable nutrients. We have 9 types of bark in various grinds and species types, one of them just right for your project. Click on the picture for more details about each product!Bark Mulch   

Soil Blends

Our soil products mimic what happens in nature. We use forest residues to create soil that feeds the entire soil ecosystem.  By feeding the entire soil ecosystem, plants can grow in the same system they would in nature.  Natural SoilEach soil blend is created for a specific growing need. 

Click on the picture for more details about which soil will help you grow, Naturally!

Everything Else

PotsWe have all your garden needs from fertilizer, garden tools, pest control, decorative rock, pavers, wall blocks, and a huge selection of pottery.  We have over 3000 sqf of covered shopping area filled with bird feeders, houses, pond supplies, windchimes and  more!